Pipinho the great little warrior

Hello, my name is Filipe Ferreira and I am a 13 years old boy who fights daily against the limits imposed by the Norrie Syndrome. This syndrome ‘stole’ my ability to see, talk and walk, but as a Super Hero, I fight – and I will continue to fight – this evil thief with various therapies.

This is how Filipe Ferreira, or Pipinho as he is affectionately called, presents himself through the words of his parents. Pipinho is a 13 years old boy, who lives in Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal and has a rare genetic disease – Norrie's syndrome – which causes blindness, muteness, deafness and makes him dependent on others.

In 2012, he visited the CIREN Clinic in Cuba for an 8-day evaluation and the doctors explained that his blindness is irreversible but with intensive treatments, it will be possible for him to walk and talk.

Since then, Pipinho has undergone daily therapies that are vital for his recovery and to improve his quality of life. So far, the progress has been incredible.

In 2013, Pipinho had a hard time getting around and needed a lot of help to even walk a few steps.

Exercicio: Marcha de fixação de anca.

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Today, he has control over his torso and manages to walk with only a little help from his father.

A dar uns passinhos 👣 👣 👣 com a ajuda do meu papá 👨‍👦 💙

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Horseback riding is one of the therapies that was recommended. When Pipinho started this therapy in 2015, he only used simulator machines.

A trabalhar no cavalinho

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Today he is able to ride Tiger, the horse, and really enjoys it.

Lá vou eu a montar no Tiger de lado muito bem cada vez mais forte 💪

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There is still a long way to go, but every small victory gives him the courage to continue to fight.

Unfortunately, the therapies cost is not reimbursed by the Portuguese Social Security system and, despite Pipinho’s parents best efforts, they cannot afford the weekly expenses that amount to over 400€.

eSolidar held several initiatives to support Pipinho. So far 9,221€ has been raised to pay for his treatments, mostly through charity auctions. Pipinho's mother wrote two books that are also available for purchase to help with the costs of the therapies.

Let's keep supporting this great little warrior with tremendous strength and determination!

Para mais informações sobre o que pode fazer para ajudar o Pipinho, visite https://www.esolidar.com/npo/detail/245-associacao-amigos-do-filipe-ferreira-pipinho/ 💗

Together we are stronger!



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