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Why is that girl’s mother crying?

“On 11 November 2005, Leo, our son, started his treatments against cancer at the Portuguese Institute of Oncology, in Lisbon.
On that day, our hearts were heavy – only those who go through such moments can fully comprehend our pain.

We were both looking for kind and hopeful words from doctors to help us to believe everything will be okay.

After six months of intensive treatment, we saw another child`s mother crying alone and Leo immediately asked us: “Why is that girl’s mother crying?”

We knew we had to tell him the truth: “Son, being a sick child is very difficult, but sometimes being a parent is harder.”

Right after, Leo said: “Dad, please go speak with that woman and help her.” I looked at him, smiled and went towards the woman and spoke with her for a bit. She calmed down and she was very grateful for my help and support.

After few days, Leo had another question: “Dad, please explain to me why you and mom are always by my side and some children are alone?”

Once more, we knew we had to tell him the truth and we did our best. He was truly sad and the only thing he told me was: “Dad, you can help them. Talk to them and give them a hug. They will listen to you. I am sure they will, dad.”

My heart stopped beating. I was standing in front of someone with such a big heart. He made me realise my mission was to support other parents facing the same situation. From that day, I began to help and support parents who needed emotional support.

Dear son, we hope that our work and dedication made you smile in heaven. You were a dreamer and, one day, your dream will fully come true.”

(On 18th May 2007 our dear Leo passed away).

Luz e Sérgio, Leo parents

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