The little dog named Delilah

“The puppy was abandoned and left in a dire condition on the stoop of Associação Limiana dos Amigos dos Animais de Rua – volunteers stepped in immediately.
Delilah was sheltered with other dogs but later diagnosed with distemper – a highly contagious disease that killed her and several of the dogs she was caged with.
Sadly, 13 of our puppies could not resist the disease despite our best efforts. After a short time, eleven adults and one infant were also showing symptoms.
We administered medication, isolated suspected cases and did everything we could to fight the disease. There were, of course, days that we felt helpless and powerless but this was not the time to give up.
We acquired veterinary bills and had to expedite the construction of additional shelters to house the diseased dogs and separate them from the others.
A big THANK YOU to all who helped us! We wholly appreciate your support!”

A Associação Limiana dos Amigos dos Animais de Rua (ALAAR), is a non-profit organisation, located in Ponte de Lima, which aims to involve the population of Viana do Castelo district in resolving the abandonment and mistreatment of livestock situation, establishing partnerships with public and private entities and sensitizing the general public and, in particular, young people.

One of the main ALAAR goals is to invest in awareness and information in schools, with a view to changing behavior and attitudes in relation to living beings who are sensitive to pain, stress and distress, just as humans do.
As more and more faced with situations of abuse and neglect, animal welfare and its treatment is a concern for us and a daily struggle!

To help the Associação Limiana dos Amigos dos Animais de Rua (ALAAR) to continue to fulfill its mission visit:

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