Daily victories for a little champion

“You know, my champion is Filipe. His strength has no end. I dream of the day when he will be able to stand alone. If you are also a parent, you will understand me when I thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting him.”

Mara Ferreira, mother of Filipe

Filipe Ferreira is 10 years old. He lives in Vila Nova de Gaia with his parents and sister. He has a rare disease, called Norrie syndrome, which limits his ability to see, speak and walk.

Pipinho, as family and friends affectionately call him, takes three daily medications to help mitigate his symptoms.

In March 2012, Pipinho was taken to Cuba for an eight day evaluation. He discovered there that his blindness was irreversible; however, it is possible for him to walk and talk with the help of intensive treatment.

In June 2012, he was admitted to the CHS-CIREN for an intensive €6,000 treatment, which was interrupted due to lack of funds.

In August 2012, he began seeing a speech therapist. Over the next year, he was also received daily physiotherapy treatments in Porto. This was followed by another round of intensive physiotherapy at the Clinica Terapikuba in Maia. He still attends this therapy for two hours a day, six days a week. Every hour of physical therapy costs around €30. In addition to this, he sees his speech therapist for one hour, two times a week at €40 an hour.

Finally, he recently started occupational therapy, for one hour a week at €30 per hour.

In this sense, each week costs the Ferreira family €440 in medical bills for Filipe:
€ 60 x 6 days a week = € 360 Intensive Therapy (Clinical Terapikuba);
€ 40 x 2 days per week = € 80 Speech Therapy (Speech Therapist Irina Santos);
€ 30 x 1 day per week = 30 € Occupational Therapy (Therapist Joana Oliveira).

Parents and friends of Pipinho collect and sell plastic caps, beer cans and bottle caps to raise funds for the treatments.


These treatments are essential for improving the quality of life of this child.

To help Pipinho visit: https://www.esolidar.com/npo/store/245-associacao-amigos-do-filipe-ferreira-pipinho

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